(happy) ending

11. dubna 2009 v 8:43 | oveczka |  Moments of life
Asi končím milí zlatí....nějak mi psaní blogu už nic nedává, nemám čas ani chuť přidávat články:( Přátelé o mě budou vědět na facebooku, vás ostatní budu sledovat na blozích :) Děkuju za přízeň ;)

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard...

nestiham, nestacim..

12. března 2009 v 14:28 | oveczka |  Moments of life
Hey guuuys....i´ve been quite busy these days so i didnt have much time to write :) Last weekend was the first weekend i didn´t go home from Brno :) I went to Prague to visit Smitak and our beautiful capital ;) I had a really great time and!! i was in STURBUCKS COFFEE, uaa :) School is starting to be scarying again, next week there is the firs test so the weekend wont be such fun :/

Anyway, I am enjoying Brno a lot, yesterday there was a party of our English department called Spring Hippies Party :) It was awesome :D Oldies music, my schoolmates..perfect :) On Friday there is a meeting with people from grammar school so I hope I will be able to make it ;) Next week I´ll maybe go to the cinema to see Seven Pounds, I cant wait for the amazing Will Smith O:) And there should also be my first money from language schoool, hooray :D

The sun is shining beautifully so I am quite looking forward to going to job in a while :) Btw, today I was watching Winnie the Pooh, oh, sweet memories :D

Have a nice time, I am looking forward to hearing from you guys, let me know how you are doing :)

Spring is coming..(??)

28. února 2009 v 17:44 | oveczka |  Moments of life
I hope the snow will dissappear immediatly :D I hate the journeys by bus into our sweet little village, when I pray to stay alive cause the bus is sliding across the road :D

Heey guys, how are you? :) My week was a bit tiring again, school, work, some wine with my friends from grammar school...but it was fine though :)

I watch HIMYM and Californication very often, I read sometimes (our obligatory book is The Great Gatsby by Fizgerald), eat, sleep (but not very much:D)..and stuff like this :)

I was on a concert of friend of mine and his ´music group´ in our favourite pub and it was very fine, they played the old czech hits and we had a nice time :) Today I am planning to study a little bit, buut.....i dont know :D

On 11.th March we have a party on our English department, Spring Party- theme hippies :D I have no idea what to wear but it sounds like fun :) Any hints? :)
Have a nice time, sorry for so short article but i am in a strange mood today...bye!

greetings from brno

19. února 2009 v 21:25 | oveczka |  Moments of life
Wooow, had a really full program this week :) I am enjoying staying in Brno more and more...Monday was my first school day, from 9 am to 6 pm, with five minute breaks, uaaa...english seems more or less the same but russian? boring teachers, boring subjects, lot of work :/ well, hope i will make it somehow..to literature lessons i am supposed to read The Great Gatsby so it´s lying on the desk, waiting for me..looking forward to it :)
On Tuesday I had no school, just teaching in a language school (i am getting used to it, people are getting used to me, it´s fine:))I watched Pay it forward on PC and in the evening I had a coffee with my dear friend from grammar school :)
Yesterday was great :) I didnt have to wake up early so I slept long, went for a lunch to school cafeteria and then american studies,my favourite subject :) then other classes ( i realised that there are still plenty of people i havent ever seen at my course :D), coffee in ´krmitko´ and my FIRST CINEMA EVENING IN BRNO! ;) It was amazing, I saw MILK and was totally astonished by it..strongly recommend it! :)
Well and on today morning I had three lessons of russian, booooriiing, lunch at home and two lessons of teaching again..but now I am after a relAxing shower, looking forward the waterpipe which will come :D
Tomorrow will be special, my friend works in a bar and she´ll be there alone so I am visiting her for couple of drinks O:) and weekend will be probably full of school, blah...if i want or not, this semestr there is a lot to do at home...

Let me know about you...how are you doing? what about school and the more pleasurable things? :)


13. února 2009 v 23:30 | oveczka |  Moments of life
Millions of pounds, crowns, euros spent on chocolate, roses, jewellery and fluffy toys just because of a day which was totally unkown till the time America started to influence us so much. Everybody excepts the gift and the words: i love you..but how can we know they are really true when we hear them on the day when everybody is supposed to tell that! I am not against giving a little present but...isn´t it better to get something just ´because´, on some normal, typical day? I would say so...

I will spend this day in bed with angina..but I am not really dissatisfied :) I will watch some nice movies, speak with my friends via icq and will be just fine :) The only thing that really makes me sad is the ball I will miss :( I was looking forward to it very much, all my friends are attendnig it...but..I will arrange another meeting with them, anyway ;)

So...happy Valentine´s Day for those of you who are in love and are going to celebrate it and for those who are single: the person you love the most should be you, anyway, so why don´t you buy something just for yourself and celebrate on your own? :) Have a nice weekend guys..


13. února 2009 v 13:52 | oveczka |  Hudba
Nejkrásnější písnička z OST Into the Wild...Eddie Vedder

Aaaa nasla jsem praveho Chrise McCandlesse na youtube, uaaaa

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