Leden 2009

I would like to spend one crazy night in Vegas!

22. ledna 2009 v 13:15 | oveczka |  Filmy a seriály

Cameron Diaz, Asthon Kutcher, rozchod, vyhazov, Las Vegas, svatba, výhra, noční můra, happy ending.

All that you need to spend a nice time with a movie.


Almost over

17. ledna 2009 v 19:18 | oveczka |  Moments of life
(Pro Jarka: smůůůůůlaaaa :D )

Well, exams are almost over, I am going home on Tuesday hopefully;) But I quite like my long stay in Brno, I short my time with some movies, facebook ( very addictive!) and stuff like this :) But I am looking forward to being home, of course..two weeks of doing nothing, meeting my friends, I am attending two balls..mmm, cant wait O:)

I would like to recommend you one very strong movie- Reign Over Me, starring Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle, about the power of friendship, about great losses in our lives, about sadness and happiness. I was thinking about the film long time after I saw it. And the last song by Eddie Vedder..uaaa!

I just cant stand the Czech name :/

From other films I would love to see I would mention Seven Pounds, Slumdog Millionaire, Pursuit of Happiness, Revolutionary Road, Bucket List, Pay it forward and lot of others...do you have any other good tip? :)

Hope you are doing well, see you (i hope) soon :)

English mood

12. ledna 2009 v 18:19 | oveczka |  Moments of life
Well, three succesful exams behind, lot of ahead but I feel just fine :) I seem to realize that school really isnt everything..yes, i am and always will be stressed from the exams, i will be angry when i fail but...there are so many things and reasons on the world to be happy! Try to listen to your favourtie music everytime you feel bad and I guarantee, it will be better. Try to write or call to some of your friends and just talk a while. Why dont you just watch some nice film in your bed, with somebody you love or alone? :) Kinda strange article from person, who has to learn a lot and is alone in her room. Maybe she´s just listening to some good song, talking with her friend or eating her favourite meal ;)

Please, don ´t worry about little unimportant things, do things that make you happy. I heard this from one of my friends: To be happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect. You just need to overlook the imperfections ;)

I am not drunk.I am happy.

Aaaaach jooo

10. ledna 2009 v 16:02 | oveczka |  Hudba

Co se taky učím..

8. ledna 2009 v 14:32 | oveczka |  Zajímavosti
Linguistics/ acronyms / letter acronyms:

MADD (mothers against mad drivers)
DAMM (drivers against mad mothers)
SNAFU (Situation normal- all fucked up) - used in army :D
BYOB (bring your bottle)
TGIF (thank god it´s Friday)

Držte mi zítra palceeeeeeeeeeeeee

A je to tady

5. ledna 2009 v 18:18 | oveczka |  Moments of life
Zítra první zkouška, ve středu další, v pátek další, v pondělí další..atd :D Pleaseee, keep your fingers crossed for me !