Březen 2009

nestiham, nestacim..

12. března 2009 v 14:28 | oveczka |  Moments of life
Hey guuuys....i´ve been quite busy these days so i didnt have much time to write :) Last weekend was the first weekend i didn´t go home from Brno :) I went to Prague to visit Smitak and our beautiful capital ;) I had a really great time and!! i was in STURBUCKS COFFEE, uaa :) School is starting to be scarying again, next week there is the firs test so the weekend wont be such fun :/

Anyway, I am enjoying Brno a lot, yesterday there was a party of our English department called Spring Hippies Party :) It was awesome :D Oldies music, my schoolmates..perfect :) On Friday there is a meeting with people from grammar school so I hope I will be able to make it ;) Next week I´ll maybe go to the cinema to see Seven Pounds, I cant wait for the amazing Will Smith O:) And there should also be my first money from language schoool, hooray :D

The sun is shining beautifully so I am quite looking forward to going to job in a while :) Btw, today I was watching Winnie the Pooh, oh, sweet memories :D

Have a nice time, I am looking forward to hearing from you guys, let me know how you are doing :)